I am a North Alabama native and love everything about life in the South: the hospitality, family and friends being close by, sweet tea, and always having a reason to throw a party.


I share a beautiful life with my loving husband, Colton, who has been a huge part in making my dreams of being an event planner come to life. He is my biggest encourager and my best friend. We enjoy traveling, spending time with our parents and siblings, and serving with our church family.


I have planned and thrown parties my entire life. I can remember helping my mom make grass skirts out of green trash bags and using coat hangers to make palm trees for my 10th birthday luau. My precious mom did everything she could to make each party I had so special for me, even designing and sewing dresses for every girl who came to my Spanish fiesta birthday party. My mom is a huge influence in my desire to make people feel loved by creating memorable events for the special moments in their lives. She is so creative and always went all out with parties growing up! She would drop everything to be there for anyone who needs her. Seeing her selfless spirit in these moments drives me to create this same experience for my clients; one where they can be present and enjoy their special event and not have to worry about a thing.


I love everything about events. The perfect event for me starts with a great theme and flows through to the smallest of details. Doing everything I can to make people feel celebrated and loved at their event is what brings me joy. The Lord has given me the gifts of hospitality, administration, and encouragement, and I am thankful I get to do all three of those things in this life passion of mine.

My best to you,

Rebecca Stinson